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Barnaby Bristol and Company, LLC offers quality, creative audio services for; television, film, radio, multimedia, internet and music production, as well as studio set up for professional or home recording/production and voice over recording. Barnaby's technical expertise results in comfortable collaboration with production personnel, efficient delivery of a product that meets a distributor's technical requirements, along with an artistic sensitivity that furthers the intent of your project.


Barnaby has worked on programs for many of the usual Washington, DC suspects; Discovery Communications, National Geographic, ABC News, HGTV, NASA, PBS and HBO. Others include; Gracecreek Media, AM-DVD, Ashford and Simpson, Brainbox Productions, Bush Quayle ‘92, Cinemax, Clinton-Gore, Giant Foods, MacWillams, Sanders & Erikson, Music For Pictures, New York Jazz, Nina Simone, Patti LaBelle, Special Efx, Tapestry International, Time Life Books, Video Press, WEA International.


Barnaby Bristol currently uses a ProTools 12HD|Native digital audio workstation along with an extensive sound effects library, virtual musical instruments and plug ins. Project media is typically file based, received and delivered over the internet or portable hard drive. Surround mixing, dialog normalized loudness metering and DA88 tape format is available as are phone patch and Source Connect. Other formats can be made available by arrangement.


Barnaby Bristol has been passionate about music and audio technology since boyhood, when he could be found dutifully practicing the piano after dinner or chasing his older brother to rock 'n'roll band practice. Barnaby's high school strong suit was accompanying and music directing in theater, forming and playing in bands and pushing the available audio technology to its limits. With a Bachelor of Arts in Music from a midwest, liberal arts college, he landed in New York City's mid '80s music scene. After four years of session work, Barnaby moved to Washington, DC where he has recorded and mixed advertisement, political advertisement and production music. The mid 1990s brought about a Peabody Award for production on the radio drama, Kinetic City Super Crew. Television post production experience came about as a result of cooperative arrangements supplying audio services to some of DC's top tier post production houses including Henninger 1150 Post and Audiomaster. Today, Barnaby works out of his studio in downtown Silver Spring, MD.

For Fun

Barnaby can often be found as a member or sitting-in with various local bands, or in the tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay paddling one of his performance or touring Wenonah Canoes.